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The incorporation of nanotechnology as a means for nano pesticides is in the early stage of development. The main idea behind this incorporation is to lower the indiscriminate use of conventional pesticides to be in line with safe environmental applications. Nano encapsulated pesticides can provide controlled release kinetics, while efficiently enhancing permeability, stability, and solubility. Nano encapsulation can enhance the pest-control efficiency over extended durations by preventing the premature degradation of active ingredients (AIs) under harsh environmental conditions. This review is thus organized to critically assess the significant role of nanotechnology for encapsulation of AIs for pesticides. The smart delivery of pesticides is essential to reduce the dosage of AIs with enhanced efficacy and to overcome pesticide loss (e.g., due to leaching and evaporation). The future trends of pesticide nanoformulations including nano materials as AIs and nano emulsions of bio pesticides are also explored. This review should thus offer a valuable guide for establishing regulatory frameworks related to field applications of these nano-based pesticides in the near future.

reference : https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jconrel.2018.12.012

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