Stress the most important factor limiting agricultural production in arid and semi-arid systems is considered. Distribution of rainfall in these areas (arid semi-arid), sometimes not consistent with crop needs and develop products that are temporary or prolonged
drought. To study the effects of spray irrigation on winter barley trial at year 2011 in the field region of Damghan. These Split plot experiment in randomized complete block design with three replications.

Cares were Treatments was included two water treatment interruption (control and Cut of irrigation 41 BBCH scale), two barley cultivars (Kavir and Nusrat) and four levels at spray (control, Humax(100%), Biomin (100%), Humax and Biomin 50:50). Results showed the most Grain yield amount with normal irrigation of variety Nusrat foliar Humax + Biomin (8998.7 kg.ha-1) and the lowest grain yield of the water deficit stress conditions (41BBCH) of variety Nusrat foliar Humax + Biomin (912.7 kg.ha-1) was. Rates Protein affected foliar Humax + Biomin both normal irrigation and water deficit stress conditions (41BBCH) solution were (11.42% and 11.53%) most of the proteins themselves.

The study found that proline Nusrat victory both in normal irrigation and deficit stress conditions (41BBCH) , without spray (control) solution were (63.03 μmol/g and 80.33 μmol/g) more proline compared to other treatments showed. Farmers to increase their performance today acre foliar spray methods are used for fertilization. Foliar spray of plant response to fertilizer is fast methods.

This approach makes the environment by fertilizing it in order to achieve sustainable agriculture is also
very helpful. It was found that the variety kavir of normal watering with foliar Humax + Biomin potassium levels showed more than other treatments. The different effects on different plants using soil dry organic fertilizer such as Humax and Biomin can be drought resistant plants to rise.

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